Does Clear Muscle Actually Work the Way They Say it Does?

At nearly $1 per dose, Clear Muscle is far from being the most affordable preparation for body building available in the market today. In fact, the cost of the product justifies its inclusion in the professional range of products from Muscle tech. So, the question is, do the results of the formulation merit the investment you are looking at?

The protein synthesizing ability of BetaTOR: Clear Muscle is named thus because it is a preparation that contains HMB in free acid or liquid form, which is available in a clear pill. What you are essentially getting is a 1000 mg dose of the compound that is known to stupendously enhance muscle strength as well as lean muscle mass.

HMB works by increasing protein synthesis at the muscular level. This means that the cells get added nutrition from supplements and food intake. In fact, in a study conducted by the University of Tampa, it was found that anabolic activity increases by as much as 70% after the use of BetaTOR. In essence, the results of your regular supplements in terms of muscle growth will pale in front of those delivered by Clear Muscle.

Clear-Muscle1HMB lowers muscle breakdown: When you exercise strenuously, muscle tissue is broken down and as you supply protein and nutrients to the tissue, it is rebuilt. Although this process works, a better approach would be to lower muscle breakdown and this is what BetaTOR does. Through the use of HMB in free acid form, it is possible to lower catabolism by as much as 58%.  Checkout a clear muscle review here.

So, the end result is that the existing cellular structure of the muscles is preserved and more is added to it. Is it any wonder then that you will see results in the form of increased muscle strength as well as thickness? As a matter of fact, people, who participated in the study conducted to understand the effects of Clear muscle, gained a fantabulous 16 lbs of muscle mass in a mere 12 weeks!

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