Blogging: A Modern Art of Expression

Blogging: A Modern Art of ExpressionBefore going into the consequences and effect of Blogging we need to know what actually blog means. A blog is just a discussion or expression made by a single person, nowadays even multi-authored, published on Internet for informational purposes. Technically, it’s nothing more than a discrete entry which are displayed in reverse chronological order i.e. latest appears first. The people who use to write blogs are called bloggers and the whole task collectively is called blogging. The most amazing thing about blogs is their simplicity. However, few bloggers may not be as amazing as they can be.

Purpose of a Blog

The actual purpose of blogs is to share important information and worth full experience in the early days. However, this has changed after the inclusion of social media in our lives, which made such activities much simpler, convenient, and exciting with a million audience.

A New Perspective

The main problem starts with the million audiences, assume yourself standing on a podium and you have to express your feelings in front of the thousand people, right staring at your face. No matter how big or experienced you are, for once, you’ll feel the shivering sensation. Now suppose if you close your eyes you’ll not see anything, therefore you’ll not feel anything, it will be the simply talking to yourself. Blogging provides you the same. You can easily express yourself without thinking of any consequences and results. People are using this social tool for criticizing people or acts, making fun of things which should be respected, and the most important insulting and making comment on people’s private matters. Although we live in a free country where we have a freedom of speech and expression, but when did it give us the authority to comment on others life, judging and insulting their personal issues. People had made blogging just like cheap cloth napkins, to which one even avoids using.